Commonly Forgotten Asbestos Removal Safety Measures

29 November 2021
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Ever since asbestos was declared a carcinogenic material, licenced asbestos abatement companies have continued to help property owners remove the material from their buildings. The reason is that licenced asbestos abatement companies are well equipped to deal with the material safely. Notably, asbestos abatement companies need to observe critical safety precautions during removal. However, some safety precautions are commonly ignored or forgotten, exposing staff to asbestos. This article highlights the commonly ignored asbestos removal safety guidelines. Read More 

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Damaging the Environment

13 December 2016
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We all like to feel cool and comfortable at home, but it's all too easy to harm the environment in our efforts to reduce the temperature. Used inefficiently, electric fans and air conditioning units can use up huge amounts of energy, which means bigger bills for you and more damage to the planet as fossil fuels are used up. There are a few simple methods which can make a big difference to how cool the air inside your home is, without you needing to spend a penny. Read More 

Ideas On How To Reduce The Cost Of Running Your Cooling Tower

18 November 2016
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Cooling towers need quite a lot of power to run. First, there are the massive fans at the top that need a well-powered motor to run. And then there is the robust pump that has to ensure that the hot water is delivered to the top of the structure and kept at a steady flow for hours on end. Cumulatively, these mechanical systems can drain away a lot of power. Below, discover some promising ideas on how you can start to reduce the power consumption of your cooling tower units in order to make it more energy efficient and cheaper to run. Read More 

Different Additions You Could Use In Your Domestic Treatment Plant

25 April 2016
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Sewage treatment is critical for every home. Over the years, more and more homeowners are looking to domestic treatment plants for their septic needs. This provides them with an individual alternative to safely eliminating septic wastes without having to rely on the local council's septic tanks. However, choosing to have your own domestic treatment plant means you have to be extra vigilant in ensuring that your household is not at risk of bacteria and germs. Read More 

Commercial Wastewater: Three Critical Mechanisms for Removing Oil

8 March 2016
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The dangers of releasing oily water into the environment indiscriminately are obvious. The specific hazards presented will depend on the natural setup into which the wastewater is released. For instance, if the oily material finds its way into water bodies, it will form a layer on top that will limit the amount of oxygen flowing into the water. Consequently, the aquatic life will be suffocated, leading to decrease in biodiversity. Read More