3 Common Sense Mistakes Most Make When Putting Out Kitchen Fires

4 November 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

When a disaster happens, we all like to think that common sense would take over to save us. The problem is that common sense is not always your best friend. There are some things that we do in emergencies that can cause more harm than good. A kitchen fire is one such incidence when using the wrong fire extinguishing method can make a small fire into a bonfire. Avoid these three common sense mistakes should your kitchen ever catch fire.

Don't throw water onto a pan

When water meets oil, it causes a reaction that can make the fire get out of control quickly. Your common sense will automatically tell you when you see the fire you should throw water on it. With the faucet nearby, that is the mistake most often made. When cooking on a stove, never throw water into a pan. Not only is this a poor method of fire control, but it can also make the situation into a disaster and hasten the time you have left to stop the spread.

Don't wave more oxygen at it

Often when you see the fire, you want to wave things at it to 'put it out'. For birthday candles, that is a great idea. Although something we are all ingrained to do when we see flames, it is not something you want to do in a fire emergency. When you have a kitchen fire, waving oxygen at it will only make it grow quicker. Oxygen is not one of the best fire extinguishers; it can help the fire hop from one area to the next. Never wave a towel or supply more oxygen to flames.

Don't assume it is out

The old phrase about smoke following fire is a good one to remember. Just because you see smoldering smoke, it does not mean that the fire is out altogether. Often, fires will continue to burn without visual flames. If you think you have successfully used fire extinguishers, it is always best to follow up the emergency by calling the fire department to ensure that it is out completely. Once things appear to be under control, the second measure you should take is to call 911 and have professionals secure the area.

The best form of fire extinguishers are those which are designated for kitchen use. They ensure that no matter the cause of a fire, it can be safely extinguished. Keeping tools nearby can save your home and your family from catastrophe.